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Alane Becket Attended the 42nd Annual SBLI Seminar

The 42nd Annual Southeastern Bankruptcy Law Institute Seminar was held in Atlanta, GA, March 31 - April 2, 2016. Partner Alane Becket spoke on the topic "Hey, give me some, too! - Issues Regarding Claim Allowance," along with Houston attorney Johnnie Patterson. In the months since the 11th Circuit's decision in LVNV vs Crawford, proofs of claims have again taken center stage in consumer bankruptcy cases. This panel surveyed the post-Crawford claims litigation landscape, including the use and nuances of statutes of limitations, the availability of state and federal consumer protection statutes, and the use of defensive judicial doctrines.

The following week, Alane was in Atlanta presenting to the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees, along with NABT Past President and Bankruptcy Judge James W. Boyd and former ABI President Richardo Kilpatrick and Judge, at a program entitled "Money for Nothing", addressing challenges with creditor claims in chapter 7 cases.

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